Working for Someone Else? 5 Signs You Shouldn’t Be

Do you ever get frustrated with the way your boss approaches a problem or the suggestions your coworkers think are brilliant during staff meetings? Are you the “black sheep” in the office, always moving against the grain instead of going with the flow? Working for someone else is rarely easy, but it shouldn’t be a constant uphill battle – should it?
I used to feel the same way. In fact, something felt off about working for other people from the very beginning for me. I’m serious! My first job as an after school elementary tutor was amazing and I loved the work I did, but my supervisor was (to put it nicely) a tad bit caustic. She cared more about her reputation than the students and played a hard game of favorites with both the staff and the kids. We butted heads from the very beginning.
Don’t get me wrong, though, I can be a fantastic employee! I work unimaginably hard, constantly exceed expectations, and am always eager to do and be more. My biggest flaw? Probably that I care too much. And I’m willing to bet if you struggle working for someone else as much as I do, that’s your biggest flaw too.
Some people are never meant to work for someone else and that’s totally fine. It’s just not in their blood – like it’s not in mine. Here are five signs that it isn’t in yours either.
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1. Workplace Politics are the Bane of Your Existence

If you find workplace politics intolerable, there’s a good chance you’re not meant to deal with them. Whether you’re frustrated about the higher-ups using their influence for personal gain or coworkers spending more time schmoozing than getting stuff dome, you’re just not about that life. You’d rather focus on what’s important, like completing your task list and improving the company. Jobs aren’t “games,” after all and you’re not a chess piece.

2. You See the “Me” in “Team”

“Teamwork” may never have been your strongsuit and here are two possible reasons for it.
  1. You work better alone. While you enjoy the company of others, you like to be the one making the big calls and, ultimately, taking responsible for the big falls if they happen. Control is comfortable and working alone means you don’t have to deal with less-informed people arguing with you about how you should be doing your job.
  2. You realize most people don’t know how teamwork really works. There actually is a “me” in “team,” meaning that your opinion counts just as much as anyone else’s. Sometimes when you’re working for someone else, however, your voice gets lost (or ignored) and you wind up feeling it’s less like teamwork and more like “you do what I say.”

3. Your Passion Drives You Above All Else

You tend to pour your heart and soul into whatever project or venture you’re working on. If it’s important enough for you to do it, then it’s important enough for you to care deeply about it and that’s exactly what you’re going to do. You’ve probably met and worked with other people who just don’t understand your unyielding drive and you probably don’t understand how they can be such total slackers. This drive can become particularly problematic in the workplace when your passions conflict with the company goals or when you start feeling like you’re the only one caring at all.

4. You Know There’s a Better Way 

Have you ever had a brilliant idea and shared it with your boss only to have him or her tell you, “That’s just not how things are done around here.” You were probably left thinking, “Well why the hell not?” It could be a lot of things – tradition, red tape, politics – but whatever it is, it’s holding you back. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing things could be more productive, efficient, or fair and not having the control needed to make them that way.

5. Hard Work is Your Double-Shot Macchiato

You’ve never run from hard work in your life. In fact, what drains other people might even energize you; like the Energizer Bunny, you can just keep going and going and going and going and going and…okay, got a little carried away there! While your fellow coworkers or even your boss may be looking for inventive ways to avoid work, you’re constantly piling more on. The best part? You’re excelling at it!

If Working for Someone Else Isn’t for You…

What are the signs telling you? Are you suited for working for someone else the rest of your life or are you meant to do more? Be more? If you read this long, I’m betting you fall in the “more” category and that’s fantastic!
So what’s next?  
The best part about that question is that it could be the last time you ever ask someone else. If you’re tired of working to secure someone else’s future and ready to take control of your own career, start right now by singing up for my free, one-week e-mail course, Starting a Business for Beginners. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about working for yourself and building your own business.


Start a business, starting a business

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