I buy from EEDistribution a few times a year - mostly when they are having a big discount sale. It's pretty good for toys around the holidays, but they get a lot of their stock from other wholesalers...so they're kind of an in-between and it's possible you can find the same items for cheaper with other companies.

Jacki Design offers a lot of accessories and travel bags. I spent a lot of time looking at their products while at the ASD Tradeshow in Las Vegas and really liked some of the things they had to offer. I haven't made an order, but I keep their catalog handy for when I'm ready to!

Neptune Trading has an incredible selection of knives, swords, and other neat weapons. They tend to have a lot of "trendy" products, like Game of Thrones sword replicas and weapons from popular anime series. They also had some really awesome Zombie Survival Gear (brand) the last time I was looking around their site. Make sure you research your state's weapon laws, as well as restrictions for selling weapons online before proceeding with a purchase though.

If you're a gamer, you've probably heard of Koplow Games. They sell a lot of dice and other gaming accessories. Some really cool stuff here. Their website isn't set up for customers, but you can use it to contact them for a catalog. I have done all of my communicating with them via phone and at trade shows.

KBW has some really love/funky stuff. I'm partial to masks and they sell pretty well seasonally, but you'll want to watch profit margins closely. This company requires you order minimums of each style and color, so make sure you start out with only a few different items.

I love The Unemployed Philosophers Guild! They have so many really incredible items and I've purchased quite a bit of their Doctor Who merchandise. The thing you have to look out for is that they don't allow you to sell their items on Amazon, so this would have to be an eBay only wholesaler.

I've made a couple orders from Advance Apparels - I really liked their dresses and actually sold a number of them at a convention I tabled at as well. Ladies and young girls loved them. I don't have a lot up online right now, but rankings on similar styles look good on Amazon. So far, I'm a fan.

Makani Jewelry has a lot of really neat wooden jewelry, including watches, necklaces, and rings. Their wedding sets are quite stunning, actually. I ordered from them at my last trade show and really like their products. Seem to be good quality. In fact, my husband keeps threatening to steal one of the watches!

If you're interested in gormet food products, including some great Himalayan salt, salt plates, and seasonings. They also have a neat line of salt lamps and fountains which may be worth looking into.