Welcome to my office! The items listed below are all things I use regularly in my eBay and Amazon business. Please note, however, that the items I recommend are affiliate linked, meaning I may earn a commission or bonus if you purchase them after clicking my link. This is yet another way you can use your business and website to make additional income!

Epson XP-420 Wireless Color Printer

Epson Wireless Color Printer, eBay Business, Amazon Business

I actually have the Epson XP-310, so this is a newer version. I've had this printer for years and it's done me very well. I usually print my packing slips in black and white, but I like the option of printing things in color. The wireless, scanning, and copying are all pluses too!

Packing Tape

Packing Tape, Amazon FBA

You will need tape. A lot of tape. I tend to buy the cheap stuff and I go through a lot of it. I've heard that if you spend more per roll it lasts alot longer, but I've never pulled the trigger on the expensive stuff. You may want to!

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a must if  you plan to ship anything even remotely fragile. This includes most collectibles, even when packaged, and some pre-boxed items as well. I literally have 10 giant rolls in my garage right now. If  you need it, do some shopping around to find the best price and quality - for whatever reason I can never find the same deal twice.

Poly Shipping Bags

Poly Shipping Bags

I sell a lot of soft products that can't break during shipping, so I love poly bags. They are perfect for most of my shipping needs and I keep five different sizes stocked at all times. They make it as easy as grab, pack, pull, and  seal!

Zebra GC420d Thermal Label Printer

Zebra GC420d Thermal Label Printer

This little buddy ain't cheap, but he's AMAZING! Ink isn't cheap either, though, and you'll never need it with this printer - thermal is the best! Amazon also requires the use of thermal printing for their FBA program. I print all of my shipping and product labels  with this little guy. So simple; just print, peel, and stick.

4x6 Thermal Labels

4x6 Thermal Labels, Amazon FBA

If you get the Zebra, you'll need the 4x6 thermal labels for printing shipping labels for the items you sell. Good news is they are cheap and last forever! I usually order a few at a time to make sure I have them on hand. 

1x2 5/8 Thermal Labels

1x2 5/8 Thermal Labels, Amazon FBA

If you plan on selling via Amazon's FBA program (which you definitely should!), then you'll need these buggers. They come in rolls of 2000, but you'll go through them pretty fast because ever item you send to Amazon will need its own label. I get mine through Amazon Prime Subscribe & Save, so they ship monthly at a discounted rate.

WeighMax 330lb Digital Shipping Scale

WeighMax 330lb Digital Shipping Scale

300lbs may be overkill, but this is GREAT for Amazon FBA shipments. I love that the display is separate, so I can move it out of the way when weighing bigger, heavier boxes and still see the numbers.  I use this scale with every shipment I send to Amazon. I also have a smaller one that I use to weigh lighter items because this one doesn't do so well with ounces.

DYMO 450 Thermal Label Printer

DYMO 450 Thermal Label Printer

Technically, you can get away with just having the Zebra, but you'll have to continually switch label sizes and it wastes a lot of labels every time you calibrate it. This may not matter, but I eventually broke down and bought one just for printing my Amazon FBA product labels.

DYMO 1x2 1/8 Labels

DYMO 1x2 1/8 Labels, Amazon FBA

Unfortunately, DYMO requires a different kind of label. If you try using the Zebra labels, it jams up pretty bad. These are a little smaller, but they still work just fine. 

Suffocation Warning Labels

Suffocation Warning Labels, Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA has pretty strict preparation expectations if you plan to sell through their Prime program. Every item in a plastic bag or with plastic wrapping needs to have a suffocation warning. Some items already have them, but you'll need these for the ones that don't. Super cheap, though! 

Sold as a Set Labels

Set Labels, Amazon FBA

You probably won't need these right away, but if you plan on selling self-created sets (2 packs, for example) of anything via Amazon FBA, you'll need these to label them appropriately so warehouse workers don't separate your products.

Impulse Sealer

Impulse Sealer, Amazon FBA

These are super neat! Many items need to be bagged or plastic-wrapped for Amazon FBA. You can get one of these and some plastic to make your own bags to size per item. I started with a 16" but upgraded to a 20" because I have some bigger items. These are super versatile and I use mine everyday...which may be why I've had to get three different ones. With these, you definitely get what you pay for, so watch out. 

Clear Poly Tubing

Amazon FBA, Clear Poly Tubing

If you go the impulse sealer route, you'll want to pick up a roll of clear poly tubing to make your bags and plastic wrap. They can be pricey, but they last FOREVER. I'm still on my third roll in over two years. Watch the thickness on these; it's measured in mils and if you go too thin your bags will break easily.

Clear Poly Bags

Clear Poly Bags, Amazon FBA

If the impulse sealer is too expensive, you can opt for using clear poly bags instead. Depending on your sales volume, you may not need many but make sure you get the right size. A major plus with these is that they already have the suffocation warning printed on them so you don't need the additional labels.

Heat Gun

Heat Gun, Amazon FBA

First off, be careful with these! The end gets really hot, really fast and it will burn you BAD if you touch it. If you need to shrink-wrap items, however, or create sets, you can make a bag with your impulse sealer and then use the heat gun to "shrink" the plastic. Pretty rad!

Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap, Amazon FBA

I actually buy this at Walmart - it's less expensive there but they don't always have it in stock. You may need this if you opt against the impulse sealer. Amazon FBA wants items secure so nothing can come loose or detach. You'll still need the suffocation warning labels with this option, as well.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes, Amazon FBA

You may find a better buy than this or have access to other boxes, but I've bought these exclusively for the last year. I use them to ship my FBA items to Amazon warehouses and they have worked great. They are a little big and UPS will charge extra to ship them, but Amazon gives a discount and I've found it to be the best for what I sell.