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Here you can find some incredibly valuable suggestions for eBay and Amazon business resources and solutions. I own/use all of the tools and accounts I recommend here regularly and depend on them greatly. 
Don't feel like you have to purchase or sign up for everything all at once - I certainly didn't! I built up my toolkit and signed up for accounts as my business grew, not before, and I recommend you do the same. These are just invaluable tools I feel you should know about upfront.
Please also note that some of the items and accounts I recommend are affiliate linked, meaning I may earn a commission or bonus if you purchase them. Know that I am not peddling crummy wares with these suggestions; anything I recommend, I use frequently and know will be just as beneficial to you. In fact, I managed to find some links that will give you a discount too! 
And so, without further ado, dive in!

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