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Amanda Bowyer

Amanda Bowyer, Web Retail Pro

I never dreamed I'd become a successful business owner, but now that I'm here I have no idea why I waited so long to get started!

I've career hopped several times throughout my life. First I was interested in the performing arts, then it was teaching, followed shortly by higher education and student affairs. These professions all had one thing in common - they made me feel like I was working to accomplish someone else's dream.
I was working obnoxious hours, dealing with ridiculous workplace drama, putting up with unnecessary stresses, and making pennies to boot. To be frank, I was absolutely miserable with life even when I wasn't working. My job was terrible, putting strain on my marriage and leaving me mentally and emotionally exhausted day after day. I kept thinking, "It'll get better when..." and "I just need to make it until..." but it never got better and no matter how many "milestones" I met, I still felt unfulfilled.
Then something random and completely unrelated happened; my brother started selling his Warhammer figures on eBay. 
Interestingly enough, I didn't really care. It was cool and whatever, but had nothing to do with me. My husband, Ryan, on the other hand, got really excited and started selling some Magic the Gathering cards online too.
( family and I are complete and total geeks, if you couldn't tell)
Web Retail Pro, Start a Business, Entrepreneur, Amanda BowyerThings were going pretty well for both of them and, after a few months, I decided to join in on all the fun. I couldn't stand to part with any of my geeky toys or collectables, but I did have several unwanted gifts from Christmas and extra items I'd picked up for cheap on Black Friday sales.
So I listed a few things and BAM! 
I had no idea how much people bought online or that it was possible to make a living selling on eBay and Amazon, but after only six months I was able to quit my day job and focus on my new business full time. What's even more amazing is that I was able to do it without any startup funds and with no previous business experience. 
This transition has completely changed my life. I manage my own schedule, have time to spend with my amazing husband (and dog), travel and vacation whenever I want, make more money, and love what I'm doing. I feel accomplished at the end of each day because I know I'm investing my time and effort into me and my life, not someone else's. Each day I'm working to secure my future and I couldn't be happier doing it!



I have a B.A. in Secondary English Education and Theater from Greensboro College and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Radford University.

Relevant Work Experience:

  • Self-established entrepreneur and creator of Beauty In, Geek Out LLC, a successful online retail and convention company.
  • Published author in a variety of genres.
  • Experience as a secondary English education teacher.
  • Intern for a financial advising firm as a Marketing and Client Relations Assistant responsible for writing presentation materials, client correspondence, and press releases.
  • Extensive experience planning, advertising, and executing large-scale events and community service projects.


Reading, Writing, Health/Fitness, Movies, Hiking, Event Planning, Online Sales, Career Planning, Education, DIY/Crafts

Interesting Facts:

  • Born with multiple learning disabilities in reading, writing, and spelling. Through hard work, determination, and perseverance, I transformed my greatest areas of weakness into my top strengths.
  • Lived in Alaska for ten years.
  • Traveled to South Africa twice.
  • Attained my first Spartan Trifecta in 2014 and am currently training for the Carolina Battle Frog Extreme 2016 and four half marathons.
  • Own a turtle named Gronkle.
  • Won the Radford University Winesette Book Collecting Contest in 2011. Read the winning essay.

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