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5 Businesses You Can Start for Free

In my last post, I discussed how to build an eBay business with absolutely no initial investment with bootstrapping. But what if you aren’t interested in online retail? Are there other businesses you can start for free? And here’s the big question: does bootstrapping work with other business ventures too?
The short answer is absolutely!
You can use the bootstrapping method to start literally any kind of business you can dream up. As long as you stick to the key mantra – don’t spend money until you make money – anything is free game.
To help you understand just how easy it is to bootstrap and how ridiculous the popular “you need money to make money” myth really is, I’ve developed a short list of five more businesses you can start for free in which the bootstrapping process works. Who knows, maybe one of these will be the opportunity you’ve been looking for!


starting a business, businesses you can start for free


Freelance Writing

This is a perfect example of a quick and easy business to bootstrap. All you need is a computer (which you’re probably using right now) and moderate writing skills. Then it’s a matter of applying for writing gigs online via sites like and There are literally hundreds of individuals and businesses seeking professional writers for hire to complete blogging projects, as well as create website content and books. Once you’ve been paid for a couple jobs, you can reinvest your profits into purchasing more advanced tools, training, and services.

Virtual Assisting

Yes, this is really a thing. With so many companies utilizing the web for business purposes, many professionals are starting to rely more and more on virtual assistants. By charging a fee to check business-related e-mails, update social media outlets, and complete other simple online tasks, you can begin generating income with nothing more than your computer and access to the internet. If this is something you’re interested in, check out Gina Horkey’s course, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. This is a very reasonably priced course, but Gina also offers a free 5-day course you can sign up for as well.

Writing Books

It literally costs nothing to write a book and, again, all you need is a working computer to get started. Once you complete your manuscript, Amazon (as well as other popular book companies) has an amazing e-publishing platform called Kindle Direct Publishing that you can access for free. If you’re interested in selling hardcopies, you’re covered there too! CreateSpace, which is also run by Amazon, is yet another free solution; the only potential expense would be paying shipping to have a proof copy sent to your home and you can actually opt out of this step if you really need to. After you’ve sold a few copies, you can start reinvesting in various marketing tools to help get your book in even more hands.

Selling Courses

Have in-depth knowledge about something other people would benefit from? If so, you can create and sell an online course with only a computer, free WordPress website, access to PayPal, and a basic Mailchimp account. It’s super easy to use a platform like Teachable to create, sell, and teach your courses. My husband is an avid runner and actually just started selling a course for beginning runners with absolutely no investment at all. When your course starts bringing in some money, you can upgrade your various accounts and improve your marketing strategies.

Offering a Service

Along a similar vein, you can also offer services to others, like job coaching, internet marketing, or book illustrating. If you’re skilled in a particular trade, it’s easy to set up a free WordPress website and start selling your services right away. In fact, there may be already-existing platforms available to help make it even easier, such as Fiverr or Etsy. As more and more people start purchasing your service, you can reinvest in your business by getting your own domain or hiring someone to redesign your website to bring in more traffic.
There are many, many more businesses you can start for free with bootstrapping, but these should help get you thinking about the potential possibilities.
For more information about businesses you can start for free and bootstrapping, check out my free course!


starting a business, businesses you can start for free

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