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11 Benefits of Selling Stuff on eBay

Do you have a lot of old, random stuff lying around your home? Perhaps Aunt Louise gave you another set of bunny pajamas for Easter? Instead of adding them to your collection, maybe you should consider selling them instead. That’s how my online retail business was born; granted, my first sold item was a DVD of Green Lantern, not fuzzy jammies, but you get the idea. So why should you be selling stuff on eBay? Because of the benefits, of course! Here are ten of them to serve as inspiration.


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selling stuff on eBay, ebay business


1. Spring Cleaning

No matter what season it is, getting rid of the extra stuff taking up space in your home is never a bad idea. Selling stuff on eBay is a great way to downsize, tidy up, and make a couple extra bucks in the process.

2. Extra Cash

Who doesn’t need a little extra green in their lives? Maybe billionaires…which we likely aren’t, so bring on the money! Selling stuff on eBay can definitely put a little extra cash in your pocket. Even if you don’t think the items in your home have value, others seriously might.

3. Business Potential 

Selling stuff on eBay is a great way to start your own business, even if you don’t want to get into online retail. It’s really easy to build up some capital by selling things in your home, then reinvest the profits into your preferred entrepreneurial endeavor.

4. Access to Pre-Established Market

In 2015, eBay has over 162 million active users on their site. That’s a lot of potential buyers looking at for products. By selling stuff on eBay instead of building your own site, you automatically have all those people as potential customers. Good for you!

5. Built-In Trust

Let’s be real. An average buyer has absolutely no reason to trust that you are a legitimate seller. If you’re selling your stuff on eBay, however, customers can trust in eBay’s legitimacy. It is, after all, a well-known and trusted selling platform.

6. No Listing Limitations (Almost)

If you’ve got stuff to sell but still aren’t sold on eBay itself, it’s worth noting that eBay doesn’t put many limitations on what you can sell. Products do have to be tangible goods (no selling your soul!) but, aside from that, most things are free game.

7. Global Selling Options

Another perk of selling your stuff on eBay is that the platform offers a super simple and inexpensive program for selling internationally. It’s called the Global Shipping Program and – this is the best part – eBay takes care of all of the customs junk for you! That means even more customers, which translates to more money in your wallet.

8. Great SEO

No idea what SEO is? No worries; I had no clue either. It stands for search engine optimization. It’s essentially how easy it is for people to find your items when they look things up on search engines like Google and Bing. eBay gets good rankings so more people see your stuff.

9. Personal Stores

If starting a business is your goal, you’re in luck with eBay! You can actually open your own store within the eBay site and customize it, brand it, and promote offsite. eBay stores aren’t free, but it’s a great option for booming sellers.

10. Lots of Helpful Tools

Computers not your thing? They certainly aren’t my mom’s either, but she’s always able to make her way around eBay. There are tons of great tools available to sellers and none of them are difficult to manage. Selling your stuff on eBay couldn’t be easier!

11. Shipping Discounts

Shipping can be a total pain – trust me, I know. But eBay actually makes it pretty easy. They also offer up to 30% off postage purchased on their site.
So there you have it; all the reasons you need to start selling stuff on eBay. As someone who makes a living with online retail, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.


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selling stuff on eBay, ebay business

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