If You Thought Starting a Business Was Supposed to Be Hard,

Want to make money online, but feel like starting a business is out of your reach?

Here are a few things you should know:

You Don't Need Money to Make Money
Contrary to popular belief, you CAN start a business without a large investment. In fact, you can start a business with little to no money at all!
You Don't Need a Business Degree
Not only can you be successful without a business degree, but you can now find all the information and help you need online.
You Don't Need a Background in Retail
No background in retail or sales? No problem! Creating and managing a store online is easier than you could ever imagine.

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What Other Myths Are Holding You Back?


• Have to quit your day job 


• Have to have a business plan


• Have to create something new


• Have to hire a staff


• Have to be tech savvy


• And so many more!


• It can totally start as a side-gig 


• You can learn as you go


• No need to recreate the wheel


• You can easily go it alone


• Anyone can learn the skills needed


• Get the facts now!

Stay tuned for information about my upcoming book,

Business for Beginners: 15 Business Myths Holding You Back

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So, Who Am I and Why Does It Matter?

My name is Amanda Bowyer and I am a dedicated entrepreneur and author. Over the last two years I've created an incredibly successful online retail business completely from scratch. Not kidding here - I literally started with nothing - no background in business, no large investment, and no extra time because I was still working a full-time job.
I'm also just like you:
  • Sick of playing the "career" game
  • Fed up with politics in the workplace
  • Tired of pouring my heart and soul into a company that doesn't care, and
  • Done watching others reap the rewards of my hard work
After only six months I didn't have to. I quit my day job and dedicated all my time to my online business.
After one year I was making well over my previous salary and working a fraction of the time.
And after two years I was able to buy a new home, take as many vacation days as I wanted, travel, and spend time with my husband (and dog) - all while still increasing my sales, more than doubling my profits, writing three books, and creating an online course.
That's all well and good for me, right? But it's also absolutely fantastic for you because...

Now I can help you do the exact same thing.

I've learned a lot over the past two years. I mean a LOT. I spent countless hours researching eBay and Amazon, reading articles and tutorials, sifting through forums, looking for the best and most efficient resources, trying out different processes, and watching how-to videos (many of which only showed me how-to NOT make an educational video). Heck, it took me forever just to figure out the basics like budgeting, product sourcing, inventory management, and shipping. And I did it all on my own.
But you don't have to. 
I may manage my own online retail business, but at my core I'm an educator. I have a B.A. degree in Secondary Education, as well as a M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction. Teaching has always been my biggest and deepest passion. In fact, I tried to teach my 4-year-old neighbor to read before I could even do it myself! 
What that means is this:
  • I understand educational best practices and learning mechanics
  • I know how to adapt instruction so it's accessible to all types of learners
  • I can present information logically and succinctly
  • I create lessons so the curriculum builds naturally on previous knowledge
  • am eager to provide instructional support to those I'm working with 
  • I care deeply for the success of my students

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